About Us


Welcome to the world of holistic education at Frank English Medium School.Our vision is to provide the best education in the rural areas. We intend to bring all the facilities available in the cities to the rural children there by avoiding migration of the families to the cities at large for the sake of better education.

We believe that learning is multi-dimensional-as we prepare students for the world and challenges for the future. Each child enrolled in our care is a clay, in which the inherent talent and potential that each child possesses is to be nurtured to its fullest. Frank EM School transcends the confines of the classrooms and pages of a textbook to a more multi-faceted approach. we believe that every child has some latent potential and we seek to make them aware of this. The school gives the freedom to learn and express in a non-punitive environment. There is unique blend of curricular and Co-curricular activities. Our focus is for the child to make use of all available facilities/resources in the school and in the surroundings to facilitate their learning. Apart from the prescribed academic curriculum, our infrastructure is so designed so as to provide optimum opportunities for students to develop and chisel their full potential.

For us, education means to learn effectively, think creatively, develop adequate emotional intellect, apply and understand concepts to make decisions. The school meets the educational needs of the rural communities and is developed on a sprawling 2 acres of land. Take a look at the infrastructure and facilities we offer to make your child explore, discover and learn. This is what makes us "EXCLUSIVELY FRANK EM SCHOOL